Profit Sharing Services

Profit sharing is not a new type of service for the stock & commodity market traders but not all traders go for this type of service as they are not aware of the advantages of entering into a deed for profit sharing. In this type of service the research analyst provides recommendations & in return asks the trader to pay a fixed percentage of profit being earned on specified days, though the settlement requires honesty from both the parties its overall a safer way to avail research services. Though recommendations in the form of calls are more prevalent these days but profit sharing has its own advantages. 

The biggest advantage is the earning of profit. Since the profit of the advisory party is directly associated with profit of the trader that’s why the advisory pays greater attention & is more focused in providing recommendations.

Another advantage of profit sharing is that it can be customized & personalized. For example if a trader is involved in trading of a particular counter that he can avail services for only that counter. He need not avail services for all the counters. This way he’ll save his subscription amount & will get more accurate calls with proper & timely support.

Profit sharing service ensures huge profits with higher accuracy. As the trader can have a one to one interaction with the research analyst, he is likely to be more benefitted as his queries can be resolved as per his convenience. The panic situations are less in profit sharing as all the time a research support executive is available for the trader.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, in profit sharing service a trader can get market updates & other market relevant news from the advisory party.

One of the most prominent features of profit sharing is that the performance of the recommendations being provided can be analyzed on a weekly basis as the settlement is done every weekend. This ensures that the whole subscription amount doesn’t get blocked up. It can be said that profit sharing service is an “earn & pay” scheme and after a trader earns the profit, he can rotate & diversify the amount with the help of the advisory.

There are many such unsaid advantages in profit sharing which can be experienced when a trader avails this service.

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