Thursday, April 19, 2012

Commodity Market Tips : Gold, Silver, Crude, Copper


MCX Commodity Market tips : 19th April 2012

Gold Commodity : Gold commodity prices are expected to trade within a range from 28600 to 28400 levels, one can sell gold commodity on rise around 28550 – 28580 level with a stop loss above 28650. Oscillators are in positive territory. So for today's MCX commodity market one can find resistance level for gold in the range 28480/28350/28220 and support levels in the range 28580/28650/28720.

Silver Commodity :
Silver prices are expected to trade within a broad range from 56600 to 55300 levels in today's MCX commodity market, one can buy silver commodity on dips around 55800 with a stop loss below 55300. Oscillators are in negative territory. For today's commodity market MCX silver is traded in the range Resistance level – 55900/55500/54800 and support level Support – 56300/56700/57190.

Crude Commodity : Crude prices for today's commodity market are expected to hold the support at 5300, with oscillators likely to head up. One can maintain a stop loss below 5260 for today's crude. Prices for crude are expected to test 5375 level on higher end. For any trade in MCX commodity for crude traders can go with the resistance levels of 5410/5450 and Support levels of 5320/5270.

MCX Copper Commodity : Copper commodity prices are expected to bounce to the tune of 421 -422 on higher end in today's market. Oscillators are  heading up and prices can hold to the support level at 411. We recommend to buy MCX copper commodity on dips around 415 -414 levels. Trading range for copper for today's levels vary in the range Resistance – 419/423/427 and Support – 413/409/403.

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