Thursday, June 14, 2012

Commodity Calls : Gold, Silver, Copper, crude


Gold Commodity Calls

Gold prices are expected to test 30150 on higher end. However, one should remain cautious  unless closes above 30180  in long position at these levels.oscillators are suggesting a positive move ahead.
Today's Gold commodity levels are

Resistance Gold Level-30180/30450
Support Gold Level-29910/29810

Silver Commodity Calls

Silver prices are expected to trade positive to the tune of 55900, prices can further move up till 56700 one can hold buying position with a stop loss below 54100.
Silver commodity Levels for today are as below:

Resistance level for Silver-55370/56200
Support level for Silver-54700/54100

Copper Commodity Calls

Copper prices are expected to witness a range bound move as from 414 to 406, one can look for buying opportunity around 409 with a stop loss below 405. Fresh buying could witness above 415.
Copper Commodity levels for today are as follows:

Resistance Levels for Copper today-417/421
Support Levels For Copper Today-407/397

Crude Commodity Calls for Today

Crude prices are witnessing a range bound move. one can buy around 4620 with a stop loss of 4580 targeting  4685  – 4700. Oscillators suggesting a flat to positive move ahead.
Today's Crude commodity Levels for today are as below:

Resistance Levels for crude today-4670/4715
Support level for Crude today-4610/4520

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